Friday, April 21, 2017

Reading by Ava

On Tuesday we read “Diamond in the Rough.” Our essential question was “How do you decide what’s important?” Next we read through our vocabulary. Then we read “Pandora Finds a Box.” On Thursday we did our workbook pages. On Friday we read “King Midas and the Golden Touch.” Then we took the quiz.

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Chapel by Gabe

We sang “The Lamb”, “This is the Feast”, “I Know My Redeemer Lives”, and “Christ the Lord is Risen”.

The Bible readings where 1 Corinthians 31:11-17, and John 21:7.

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Math by Audrey

On Monday we took a test. On Wednesday we learned how to multiply three digit numbers. On Thursday we learned how to use compatible numbers. On Friday we estimated products.

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Religion by Lillian

On Tuesday we had a “He is Risen” party. On Wednesday we had chapel.  On Thursday we talked about the good Samaritan.

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Social Studies by Anna

We studied Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We had a test on Thursday.  We also got our Historical Timeline partners.

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Music By Hope

Wednesday, we sang ” Listen to the Call” and we two other songs. The fire alarm went off during music, so we went outside.  Then Mrs. Reida came to pick us up.

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Computer by Mallory

We did typing web. and then something for Kindergarten 1 and 2.  We did a survey.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Math by Anna

  On Monday we learned about measurements of liquid.  On Tuesday we learned about even and odds.  On Wednesday we learned about double doubling.  On Thursday we learned about dividing the missing number.

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Reading by Beth

  On day 1 we read our vocabulary stories.  On days 2-4 we read “The Memory Quilt”.

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Chapel by Audrey

In Chapel we talked about  the Passover and how we have our secret sins. Our last song was “The Lamb”.

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