Friday, April 20, 2018

Rube Goldberg Project

Take a look at this short video with little glimpses of their final project.  Parents and students can see the entire videos for each group on Class Dojo.  I’m so proud of how well they worked together to have such great success!   I hope you enjoy this video as much as they enjoyed creating them.

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This Week’s Newsletter


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Computer by Tegan

On Monday we did testing on the computers.  On Wednesday we did another state test.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Math by Eli

We did Lesson 84.  We worked on multiplying two digit numbers.  Tuesday we divided two digit numbers.  Wednesday we took a test.  Thursday we did fact families.  Friday we did capacity.

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PE by Keilah

The first thing we did was walk the dog.  You go and kick a ball in front of you.  You stop it when the music stops.  The next game is target practice.  You hit the target.

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Science by Landon

In science we are doing Rube Goldberg .  It is awesome!

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Reading by Ella

On Monday we put our vocabulary words in sentences.  On Tuesday we read a story and answered questions about the story.  On Wednesday we read a story about Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the right to vote.  On Thursday we took a virtual field trip.  On Friday we worked with suffixes.

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Music by Sian

On Monday we did Maddy’s birthday. Next, we did “Come, Let Us Sing”. Then we sang “Whale”. Last, we worked on notes for the recorder. On Wednesday, we sang “Come, Let Us Sing” and “Whale”.  We worked on getting a recorder.

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Social Studies by Avi

We compared history maps. We did the corps of discovery and explore your community’s history. Finally…………. we reviewed for the Social Studies TEST!  The test will be Thursday of next week.

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Grammar by Karlie

On Monday in grammar we learned about bold paragraphs and short paragraphs. On Tuesday we learned about sections of a library. On Wednesday we learned about taking notes. On Thursday we did news and blog. On Friday we did a review for our test that will be Wednesday of next week.

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