Friday, September 21, 2018

This Week’s Newsletter


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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Computer by Caleb

On Monday we did ten minutes of typing time. Then we watched a video about how to make a slide show. Then we practiced. On Wednesday we did ten minutes of typing time. Then we watched another video, but it was about how to edit a slide show.                                                                                                                                                                         🙂

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Social Studies by Junior

Monday we checked our KS book to see if we got the right answers. If we got it wrong, she will put a check on it and we had to correct it. Thursday we learned how to use a compass rose.  A compass rose shows all directions. It shows N, S, W, E, NW, NE, SE and SW. In our workbook  we did p. 4 and 5.

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Religion by Colton

On Monday in religion we started a new lesson and started to learn about the Holy Spirit.  We did a fun little thing where we found an underlined word and wrote it in a circle .  Next, we filled in a word study and then we drew a symbol for Jesus.  On Tuesday we learned about the Holy Spirit and did a color find.  On Thursday in religion we learned what is living in us and faith food.  Then we learned about life as God’s children.  On Friday in religion we learned about a new creation and then we learned about serving God and helping others.

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Grammar by Jules

Monday we talked about the character and the setting.  Everyone thought about their favorite book and told what the main character was. Then we talked about the setting.  We told the people at our table the people in their favorite book and where it took place in. Then we did an activity.  After that we did our assignment. On Tuesday we just did our assignment about putting things in a story in order.  On Wednesday we learned how to do our assignment on notebook paper from our binder.  First, she showed us how to number our paper.  Next, we did the first one of each section together.  Then we did the rest by ourselves.  On Thursday we typed our News and Blog.  Friday we took our first Grammar test.

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Chapel by Parker

We started with opening.  Then we sang “How Precious Is The Book Divine”.  Then we prayed and sat.  Next, we talked about words then said John 1:16 and Matthew 28:18.  Then we watched a clip of Mrs. Ersland’s son.  Then we prayed.  Then we did another prayer—the Lord’s Prayer.  We sang “I Love to Tell the Story”.  Then we left.

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Friday, September 14, 2018

This Week’s Newsletter


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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Reading by Jules

We read a story about inventing and learned about the pictures. We also read a story called “Chester Greenwood and his Cold Ears”. Then we went over our vocabulary words and talked about their meanings. Then we read another story called “Mary Anderson’s Great invention”.  After that we did our assignment.  The next day we talked about cause and effect, biographies, and metaphors.  Next, we read a story called “Victor Ochoa’s New Idea.”  After that we answered our questions.  Then we read a story called “George Crum’s Potato Chip”  and answered our questions.  The next day we read a story called “All Aboard Elijah McCoy’s Steam Engine”.  We talked about the early train and how it was so slow.  We also talked about the author and illustrator.  Elijah McCoy had followed his dreams.  He did what his dreams told him to do.  He grew up to make wonderful inventions.  He made life better for other people. He also made the train better too.  The day after that reread the story and took a quiz on it.  On Friday, we were learning about metaphors.  We read some metaphors then we wrote what two things are being compared in the metaphor on the lines.  The next page we did was when we read each sentence and circled the word that has a long a sound spelled a, ay, or eigh.  Then we wrote the word on the line and underlined the long a spelling.  The next thing on that page was to read each sentence and circle the plural nouns.  Next we had to underline the -s and -es ending in the plural word.

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Computer by Ashlyn

We did typing with typing covers with a timer.  We watched a video and tested what we learned.  We took a test on what we know and said a prayer.  We typed for 14 minutes.

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Science by Juliana

On Thursday we did an activity. We stacked three books and made a base.  Then we added the ruler and the ball.  After that we talked about the effects of mass and friction.  Next we learned about motion and combined forces.

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