Friday, January 12, 2018

This Week’s Newsletter


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P.E. by Jashen

There was no P.E. this week. The geography bee took its place. It is about answering geography questions.  You get 2 tries till you’re out.

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Chapel by Matthew

First in Chapel we sang “Bless the Lord, O My Soul”. Then we did a thing called “Responsible Reading”. Then we prayed. Then we sang “Come Now Fount, Come Now Kings”. Then we talked about beginnings and endings.  We saw pictures of Moms, Dads, babies, and fireworks. We talked about other beginnings and endings.  Then we prayed again. Then we sang “Boomerang”.  Then Mrs. Boettcher did announcements.  Then Mrs. Reida and Mrs. Burger did baptismal birthday’s. Last we did honor roll for middle school.

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computer by Jason

We made a chart to show our favorit Subject.We made a chart to show  our favorit speicl.

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Reading by Harmony

On Monday we did page 131. On Tuesday we did page 133 –136. On Wednesday we read a story about how nature inspires people to create new inventions.   We put how the nature helps us build something and what the animal is. I’ll give you an example:  geckos feet inspired a bandage that can stick to wet things like a heart . On Thursday we are taking a quiz on it. On Friday we are doing page 137 — 138.

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Science by Maddy

We started an activity.  We will record what we observe about the clouds, weather, and temperature for 9 days.   We cut out flash cards and began reviewing for our test.

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Grammar by Nathan

On Monday we learned pronouns . On Tuesday we  learned pronouns like, us, him, and her.  On Wednesday we learned possessive nouns like things that you have.

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Religion by Keilah

We learned about the Lord’s prayer on Monday. On Tuesday we learned about all kinds of prayers. On Wednesday we had chapel. On Thursday we talked about when God speaks; we listen. On Friday we returned to the Lord.

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Music by Zac

In music we worked on songs for the spring play “Joe’s Dream”.

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Friday, December 15, 2017

This Week’s Newsletters

The first newsletter is your normal weekly letter.  We will have our spelling test on Tuesday.  Use the words from the updated list that came home on Tuesday.  We will not be having any memory work this week.    2017_12_15TR

This is a copy of the Kansas Project information letter that came home in today’s Take Home Folder.    Project Letter

I have several containers and different colors of Flock & Turf as seen below.  This was donated.  If you would like to use some for your project, you are more than welcome to come and take a container home, use what you need, and return what is left for someone else to use.

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