Thursday, January 25, 2018

Math by Matthew

   On Monday first we did Reflex math in the computer lab. Then we came to  the classroom and worked on our sleeves. Then we checked them with Mrs. Reida. Then we did some counting. Then some addition and subtraction. Then a math problem. Then our real lesson 53. We learned about rectangular grid patterns. It's a grid that we have to find the length and width and how many squares are in the grid. Then we did lesson practice. Then we checked it. Then writing practice. On Tuesday we did Reflex math. Then we did counting and a math problem. Then we went on a  field trip to the symphony. On Wednesday we did Reflex then we went back to the classroom and finished up our lesson 54 which is multiplication. On Thursday we did Reflex, sleeves, and the real lesson 55: the multiplication table. On Friday we did a test and Reflex. then we went on an "Annie" field trip.
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