Friday, May 11, 2018

Religion by Jashen

 On Monday, we did p. 186-187 which was about stealing.  We had pictures in the book that said "You shall not steal".  Then we looked at pictures of kids stealing and decided whether they were or not.  Next, we read Genesis 44:1-13, circled the word slavery, filled in blanks, and did our word study which was writing a sentence with the words temptation and consequences in it.  Last, we connected Christ-like responses to when we are tempted, wrote a small prayer, and said our Bible words to remember. On Tuesday, we did p. 188-189.  We also learned that the tongue has the power of life and death.  We read Psalm 34:13, Psalm 126;2, and Proverbs 12:18-19.  Then we looked at words hurting kids and wrote what they should do.  Next, we looked at the words slander and verbal.  We used them in a sentence in our word study.  Then we looked at lies and results of lies.  The verses were Genesis 37: 31-32, 37: 33-35, 39: 16-18, and 39 :19-20.  Last we said our Bible words to remember which was our memory verse. On Wednesday, we did Chapel. Finally, on Thursday, we did p. 190-191 which was about what lying really is.  Then we looked at kids not responding to bad things and wrote what they should've done.  Next, we wrote the definition of omission which was our word study.  Then we talked about failing to speak up and speaking kind.  Last, we said our Bible words to remember.
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