Friday, February 1, 2019

Religion by Logan

On Monday, we did pages 120-121. We picked blessings on page 120 for the right blessing. Then, we had a word study to do. Next, we did page 121 and we all got into groups of three. Mrs. Reida picked the number we did. But first on the top, we wrote down what S.P.R. means. Only one group did their skit because it was close to lunch. On Tuesday, we finished page 121 with other groups. Then after we did all of the groups, we got a partner and acted out the words in the Bible. Then, we all did it in front of the room. On Wednesday, we had no religion because it was chapel. On Thursday, we read the words on page 122, and there's blanks that we filled in. After that, we did a word study. Next, on page 123, we had clouds around the lady and filled in blanks, and then we read Bible verses. We also said the Bible words to remember. On Friday, we will do pages 124-125. We will do page 124, but I'm not sure what we will do with the blanks. Then, we will do the word study and on page 125, we will read the words above. Next, we will do a message to God. After that we will say the Bible words to remember.
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