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Thursday, February 15, 2018

This Week’s Newsletter


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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Pe by Nathan

 In PE we did scarf juggling, throwing, body catching, and rainbow throw.

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Chapel by Tegan

  On Wednesday we went to the front and got ashes on our foreheads.  Next we sang “My Faith Looks Trustingly”.  Then we talked about anointing Jesus.  Then we prayed.  The parents got communion  and then we sang one more song.

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Reading by Nagango

Monday we did a worksheet. We were suppose to complete each sentence. Tuesday we did “Hearty People.” Wednesday we typed our newsletter and blog. Thursday we read page 138-169 and took a quiz over the story.

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Religion by Karlie

On Monday we learned what repentance is.  On Tuesday we learned about what the job of shepherding is about.  On Thursday we are learning how to make a joyful sound to the Lord.

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Computer by Maddy

On Monday we did Typing Web, and we did something called “Cyber Pigs.” It was about computer safety. On Wednesday we did Typing Web, and we worked on tallying our surveys. We worked on it with the kindergarteners, 1st graders, and 2nd graders.

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Reading by Grace

On Monday we learned about red fox and gray wolf and then did a page on our vocabulary words. On Tuesday we created heart envelops for our party. On Thursday we read our story for the week and took a quiz on our story.

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Science by Matthew

On Thursday we did an activity with Mystery Doug on how our hearts pump blood. On Friday we have no school.

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Math by Sian

On Monday, we did Reflex, and we worked on area. We worked on how to label area, too. On Tuesday, we did Reflex, and we still talked about area. On Wednesday, we did reflex, but we didn’t do the things we do on the math sheets. We are working on multiplying by nine. On Thursday, we worked on angles.

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Music by Harmony

We practiced some songs. We sang “You Don’t Always Reap What You Sow” . It was fun. We sang “So Long Joe”.  We practiced playing the bongo. It’s harder than it looks . We did the same thing today.

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