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Friday, December 15, 2017

This Week’s Newsletters

The first newsletter is your normal weekly letter.  We will have our spelling test on Tuesday.  Use the words from the updated list that came home on Tuesday.  We will not be having any memory work this week.    2017_12_15TR

This is a copy of the Kansas Project information letter that came home in today’s Take Home Folder.    Project Letter

I have several containers and different colors of Flock & Turf as seen below.  This was donated.  If you would like to use some for your project, you are more than welcome to come and take a container home, use what you need, and return what is left for someone else to use.

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Reading by Nathan

On Monday we learned about the solar system, telescopes, astronomy, globe, and the moon.  We read about satellites taking a lot of pictures.  We talked about the men who went to the moon and how long it takes to travel around the earth to take pictures.  We also talked about exploding stars.  Wednesday we read a story and did a worksheet about Mars.  On Thursday we read about Earth in our book.  We have billions of people on Earth. It is the third planet near the sun.  It has warmth.  Some planets are too cold to support life.  Earth is the right temperature for all life and to support life.  You can study Earth in your own backyard.  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are called gas giants.

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Religion by Matthew

On Monday we did a lesson that is called Announcing God Incarnate. We fixed puzzles. On Tuesday we did a lesson called Jesus, Our Substitute. We completed a graphic organizer to see how Jesus serves us. On Wednesday was chapel. On Thursday we did a 2 lessons: Jesus Our Substitute and Life as a Slave. On Friday we talked about Easter and Christmas connections.

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Computer by Zac

First we did typing web for ten minutes. Then we did a fun Christmas game. Merry Christmas!

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Social Studies by Maddy

Monday we had a unit test and we talked about continents, hemispheres, ecosystems, preserving, minerals, and fuel. The lesson we read was all about resources.

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Science by Harmony

We are doing mystery science. We watched some videos on Friday about how clouds form. We did activities.

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Chapel by Grace

In chapel we talked about John the Baptist and how sin is like a bully to us. We also lit the second advent candle.

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Music by Jashen

In music Monday-Thursday, we practiced for our Christmas concert for Thursday night.

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Math by Nagango

In Lesson 43 we talked about comparing fractions.  Tuesday we did Reflex Math.  Wednesday we did Lesson 44 and talked about fractions to describe parts of a whole.  Thursday we did math corrections.  Friday we did lesson 45.  We talked about probability:  more likely or less likely.

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Grammar by Jason

We learned we a lot. We learned common and proper nouns and how to write things correctly.

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