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Friday, October 12, 2018

This Week’s Newsletter


Please note that this week’s newsletter covers the next two weeks of school.  The Spelling Test and Memory work will both be done on Wednesday, October 24th in two weeks.  Please also notice the lunch menu covers the next two weeks.  Please look carefully at the dates.  There is also an important message about the Kansas Rough Draft on the final page of the newsletter.

Enjoy your extended weekend.  Be safe and enjoy time with family.


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Math by Ava

On Monday we subtracted dollars and cents.  On Tuesday we compared and ordered numbers.  On Wednesday we subtracted across zeros.  On Thursday we worked with fractions of a dollar.  On Friday we estimated sums and differences.

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Reading by Charlotte

On Monday we talked about our vocabulary words.  On Tuesday we talked about history.  On Wednesday we read the story of the week.  On Friday my reading group made prefix books and we talked about prefixes.

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Religion by Brynn

On Monday we read Mathew 19:16-26 and we talked about Mathew 19:16-26.  We did page 52-53. We did match the words with their definition. We talked about what makes us feel good and what does not. On Tuesday we talked about saints and looked at optical illusions. It made lots of sense. On Thursday we talked about what our parents give us and we wrote it on the board.  We read Luke 11:9-13.  We talked about what God gave to us.  We also read John 3:16.  We read Galatians 4:4-7.  On Friday we shared our work from Thursday where we filled in the blanks.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Chapel by Nicole

On Wednesday we sang “Sanctuary”.  Then we listened to Bible reading. Then we learned about Operation Christmas Child by Mrs. Harms. Then we talked about what not to pack.  Then we watched video about a girl that had to sneak out of her house to learned about Jesus. Then we prayed . Then we sang “Brothers and Sisters in Christ”. Then we were dismissed.

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Grammar by Junior

On Monday we practice to write a letter to someone.  On Tuesday we sorted common nouns and proper nouns.  We also did a worksheet circling the common nouns and underline the proper nouns.  On Wednesday we looked in our book to learn names and titles.  We also learned abbreviations.  On Friday we reviewed capitalization of streets, cities, and town.

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Science by Parker

On Thursday we did a Health Lesson. Friday we finished it.

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Social Studies by Colton

On Monday in Social Studies we checked our Kansas facts book and then we had free time.  On Wednesday in Social Studies we worked on our Kansas outline.  On Thursday in Social Studies we finished our Kansas outline.

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Friday, October 5, 2018

This Week’s Newsletter


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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Grammar by Logan

On Monday we learned more nouns, and learned to add -ies, -s, and -es. Then we did a work sheet and we did part of the sheet together. On Tuesday we learned singular possessive nouns. Then we said what a noun is to our table groups. When you pick a name you need apostrophe’s. Then we add ‘s on each word on the board. After that we did a sheet on the front and back. The back side on letter b is hard. On Wednesday we learned plural possessive nouns. On cat’s tail you need ‘s on the first word. Then we did the smart board with plural nouns. While we were up at the smart board, the teacher passed out our sheet. Then after that we did our sheets. On Thursday we are doing newsletter and blog, in news/blog we right what we did in the subject. On Thursday’s we type on a computer and we copy our articles we wrote to the computer. Newsletter is different from blog because you write your name on the board. Then there is a desk up there that they type their newsletter from their notebook. Some people have a lot to type with their newsletter and blog like I do. I’m on page 3 on my notebook.

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