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Friday, September 29, 2017

PE by Karlie

   In PE we did Brain Gym and Pro Player with a big ball and a little ball. We bounce them off the wall.  We also did Fire Truck in Traffic with scooters.  We also did scooter tag.

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Grammar by Avi

   Today we are working with nouns. We did it last year. We are working with nouns, adjectives, and verbs.  We are doing News/blog in grammar.

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Music by Ella

   This week we sang a new song, but we haven’t sang it yet. On Sunday we are going to sing “Sing and Make Music to the Lord”. It is at the eleven o’clock service. We are so excited about it that we just can”t wait.

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Religion by Daniel

   First, we read several Bible verse. Then we looked up Luke and studied  our memory verse.

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Computer by Landon

   In computers we did typing web. Then we talked about being safe on the computer.

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This Week’s Newsletter


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Friday, September 22, 2017

Reading by Avi

   Today in reading we are learning about monuments.  We did a worksheet.  Today we were reading about Mounds, The Indians.  Today we are taking a quiz.  It is about Mount Rushmore!  We are doing two worksheets.  One is about context clues and the other side is about the long spelling O.

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Music by Karlie

   First, we sang Happy Birthday to Diamond.  We sand “O Shepherd”.  We sand “The Backwards Life”.  Then we sang “Sing and Make Music to the Lord.”   One Wednesday we sang the same songs.  then we sang “5 Eyes and 3 Black Cats.”  Then we played make a friend.  In choir we sang “O Shepherd”.  We also sand “Backwards Life” and “Sing and Make Music to the Lord”.

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Religion by Daniel

   First we read several verses.  We looked up Luke.  Then we studied and told about them to our team.

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Computer by Ella

   This week we went on typing web and typed for ten minutes. If we got a batch, we would put a sticker on a board. We are going to talk about technology. We did a word search. We were going to do another game, but we ran out of time. So we could not do it. We were sad.

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