Friday, December 8, 2017

Weekly Newsletter


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Science by Nathan

On Friday we learned about weather and climate.  The weather can be cold, dry, warm, and cool.  We learned the factors that affect climate like land forms.  We also learned seasonal weather patterns.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Grammar by Zac

In Grammar we are working on poetry. We have worked on tercets and couplets. We also did a work sheet and wrote a poem.

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Social Studies by Harmony

We learned about Yellowstone National Park. It is in the western United States. We learned about regions. The northwest, southwest, west, and Midwest are some regions . Some minerals are gold, copper, iron, and salt . Fuel is a natural resource. Some resources can be living.

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Math by Maddy

On Monday we did harder subtraction. On Tuesday we did investigation number four. On Wednesday we did fractions. Thursday and Friday we worked on drawing and shading fractions.

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Religion by Grace

On Monday we learned some people in the Bible. We also learned a new Bible verse. On Tuesday we learned some different names for Jesus. Wednesday we had chapel. On Thursday we read the Bible story The Wind and the Waves Obey. On Friday we learned about how we sin and who Jesus is.

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Computer by Jashen

In computer on Monday, we did 10 minutes of typing web, and we worked on finishing our Voki characters. On Wednesday; we did 10 minutes of typing web. We also listened to our Voki. characters.

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Music By Daniel

In music on Wednesday,  we sang  to the pastors “Be Watchful Be Ready” and practiced in the music room.

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Chapel by Nagango

The pastor said that light conquers the dark. Then the pastor said that Jesus shines through darkness. Then pastor said that Jesus is the Light, Son of God, and the King of Kings.

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Reading by Jason

We read about Louis. We took a quiz about Louis.

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