Thursday, February 1, 2018

Religion By Tegan

   For Religion on Monday we had to answer some questions like, "Whose will do we ask to be done and why", "Why is God's will better than ours", and "Why is it hard for us to accept somebody else's will including Gods will?" Next Mrs. Reida read aloud Luke 2 and we answered 5 more questions. On Tuesday we wrote in our book SPR. That means:  say it, pray it, replay it. We are supposed to do that during a fight with somebody else. Then we act it out. On Wednesday we went to chapel. On Thursday Mrs. Reida read a little story, and in the middle of each sentence there was a picture. We had to say what the picture meant. Next we had to find the number next to each Bible verse and put it on a line in each bubble that comes out of a girl's head. Then answer her situation. On Friday we read Daniel and then we wrote a pair on the paper.
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