Thursday, September 13, 2018

Reading by Jules

We read a story about inventing and learned about the pictures. We also read a story called "Chester Greenwood and his Cold Ears". Then we went over our vocabulary words and talked about their meanings. Then we read another story called "Mary Anderson's Great invention".  After that we did our assignment.  The next day we talked about cause and effect, biographies, and metaphors.  Next, we read a story called "Victor Ochoa's New Idea."  After that we answered our questions.  Then we read a story called "George Crum's Potato Chip"  and answered our questions.  The next day we read a story called "All Aboard Elijah McCoy's Steam Engine".  We talked about the early train and how it was so slow.  We also talked about the author and illustrator.  Elijah McCoy had followed his dreams.  He did what his dreams told him to do.  He grew up to make wonderful inventions.  He made life better for other people. He also made the train better too.  The day after that reread the story and took a quiz on it.  On Friday, we were learning about metaphors.  We read some metaphors then we wrote what two things are being compared in the metaphor on the lines.  The next page we did was when we read each sentence and circled the word that has a long a sound spelled a, ay, or eigh.  Then we wrote the word on the line and underlined the long a spelling.  The next thing on that page was to read each sentence and circle the plural nouns.  Next we had to underline the -s and -es ending in the plural word.
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