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I have been a teacher at Holy Cross Lutheran School for the last 23 years. I have taught 2nd and 3rd grades. I now am blessed with the opportunity to teach computer for K-8. It is a great blessing to be at Holy Cross and help children grow academically and in their faith. I look forward to spending the this school year working with your family.

Friday, May 17, 2019

This Week’s Newsletter

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Religion by Ashlyn

On Monday we talked about the old covenant.  We filled in blanks and did word study. Then we read Bible Words to Remember.  On Tuesday the teacher read the Bible and we listened for the liturgical art they represented.  Then she read a verse in the Bible and we drew pictures to remember a verse. Then we did a little bit of Friday's lesson. We read Luke, did a word study, and then we fill in blanks .  On Friday we watch a video.
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Social Studies by Edric

On Monday we learned that county is part of a state, council is a group of people making laws, a mayor is a leader of a community government, a county seat is the city or town in which the main offices of the county government are located, a court is a place for deciding whether a person has broken a law, a recreation is any activity that is done just for fun, and a public works department provides services to meet the daily needs of citizens.
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Computer by Nicole

On Monday the Internet was down so we did Paint 3D or Paint. On Wednesday we did coding.
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Reading by Kyrsten

On Monday we did a worksheet. On Tuesday we did the little story . On Wednesday we read "Ollie's Escape" and "The Gentleman Bookworm". Then we did the Quiz. On Friday we did a worksheet
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Grammar by Brynn

On Monday we had no grammar. On Tuesday we worked on our paragraph with alike and differences. On Wednesday we made our alike and differences nice and pretty and did news/blog. On Thursday we did not have grammar. On Friday we did a book review.  
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Math by Katie

On Monday we did lesson 105 which was diagrams for sorting. On Tuesday we took a test, did corrections, and did Reflex. On Wednesday we did lesson 106 which was estimating  area part 1. On Thursday we were at the Cosmosphere.  On Friday we did lesson 109 and 110 which was points on a grid and creating a dot-to-dot.
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Science by Claire

On Thursday we had a field trip to the Cosmosphere which is a science place. On Friday we did an activity about  "What makes a bridge stronger." It was on pages 362-363.
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Friday, May 10, 2019

This Week’s Newsletter

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Math by Edric

On Monday we did sorting.  We also learned palindromes.  On Tuesday we were ordering numbers through 9,999 for two days.  On Thursday we did sorting geometric shapes.  On Friday we did diagrams for sorting.
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