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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Reading by Kyrsten

On Monday we did a worksheet. On Wednesday we did a worksheet. On Friday we read a story called "Big Ideas From Nature".
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Friday, December 7, 2018

Reading by Brynn

On Monday we did workbook page 121 and reading groups. On Tuesday we did workbook pages 123-124. On Wednesday we read pages 240-255. On Thursday we read pages 240-255 and took a quiz over the story "Earth". On Friday we did workbook pages 127-128.
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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Reading by Nicole

On Monday we read "Jane's Discovery". We also did a vocabulary sheet.  On Tuesday we read a story called "A Letter to Helen Keller".  Next we answered questions.  Then we read a story called "A Surprise Visit".  Last we answered questions.  On Wednesday we read a story named "Finding Lincoln". On Thursday we reread "Finding Lincoln" and took a quiz. On Friday we did workbook p. 117-118.
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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Reading by Colton

On Monday in reading we did a grammar review.  On Tuesday in reading we worked on poetry.  On Wednesday in reading we did readers theater.  On Thursday in reading we talked about couplets and then we read The Gruffalo.
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Friday, November 2, 2018

Reading by Parker

Monday: On reading today we viewed our vocabulary and we did page 91 in our workbook. Tuesday: In our workbook we did pages 93 through 96. Wednesday: We read these two poems. One was called "The Inventor Thinks Up Helicopters" and it was a free verse. The other one was          "Orinthoptor" and it was a limerick. Thursday: We reread "The Inventor Thinks Up Helicopters" and                "Orinthoptor" then took a quiz on it. Friday: We did 79 and 89 in our workbook today.
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Friday, October 12, 2018

Reading by Charlotte

On Monday we talked about our vocabulary words.  On Tuesday we talked about history.  On Wednesday we read the story of the week.  On Friday my reading group made prefix books and we talked about prefixes.
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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Reading by Junior

On Monday we read a story about someone who had to move somewhere else.  It was hard for them to find friends.  The girl's name was Nora and the boy's name was Danny. On Tuesday we read a story.   Before we read the questions.  The people in the story moved to somewhere else because they were poor.  The next story is "A Long Wait on Angel Island".  On Wednesday we read the same story about a man moving somewhere else.  He would look on the bright side a lot. The mom told him to tell the truth because she did not like it.  On Thursday we read the same story but we take a quiz after.  The questions were like where did the story take place and what do you learn from this story?  We also answered questions like what does the word arrived mean?
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Friday, September 28, 2018

Reading by Logan

On Tuesday we first got two worksheets. Then we read one story on the front and back side. Then we answered the questions. Next, we read a short story and answered the questions. On Wednesday we read a story called, "Roadrunner's Dance."  On Thursday, we reread the story.  My favorite part was when the snake hissed as he slithered out of his hole. He bared his fangs and frightened a family.
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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Reading by Jules

We read a story about inventing and learned about the pictures. We also read a story called "Chester Greenwood and his Cold Ears". Then we went over our vocabulary words and talked about their meanings. Then we read another story called "Mary Anderson's Great invention".  After that we did our assignment.  The next day we talked about cause and effect, biographies, and metaphors.  Next, we read a story called "Victor Ochoa's New Idea."  After that we answered our questions.  Then we read a story called "George Crum's Potato Chip"  and answered our questions.  The next day we read a story called "All Aboard Elijah McCoy's Steam Engine".  We talked about the early train and how it was so slow.  We also talked about the author and illustrator.  Elijah McCoy had followed his dreams.  He did what his dreams told him to do.  He grew up to make wonderful inventions.  He made life better for other people. He also made the train better too.  The day after that reread the story and took a quiz on it.  On Friday, we were learning about metaphors.  We read some metaphors then we wrote what two things are being compared in the metaphor on the lines.  The next page we did was when we read each sentence and circled the word that has a long a sound spelled a, ay, or eigh.  Then we wrote the word on the line and underlined the long a spelling.  The next thing on that page was to read each sentence and circle the plural nouns.  Next we had to underline the -s and -es ending in the plural word.
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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Reading by Caleb

On Wednesday we read about a person who fought in World War II and a guy that liked to listen to stories and write stories. Mrs. Reida read us a story and we made up our own questions for the story.            
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