Thursday, May 9, 2019

Religion by Braedan

On Monday we read about "The Blame Game".  On Tuesday we read about the Lord's Supper.  On Thursday we listened to Pastor Myers as he told us about communion.  On Friday we read about The Old Covenant and The New Covenant.
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Reading by Brynn

On Monday we learned our vocabulary. On Tuesday we learned how bees and mosquitoes are helpful. On Wednesday we read about how crocodiles and alligators are different and how you can tell which is which. On Thursday we took a quiz on crocodiles and alligators. On Friday we did a vocab and r-controlled vowel sheet.
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Grammar by Nicole

On Monday we read a short story about the sun and the moon. Then we answered some questions. Then we shared the answers to 2 other people. On Tuesday we talked about comparisons. Then we found a partner. Then we compared 2 things. On Wednesday we talked about comparisons in a paragraph. On Friday we write an article about comparisons.
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Chapel by Katie

The kindergarten led chapel. We sang "Rise and Shine".  Then they sang the first verse and then we started to sing verses 2-4 in Spanish .  Then we had the opening prayer and our Bible reading was Genesis 6:5. The theme was Noah's Ark. They read from Genesis 6:9. Then they started to sing "God is so Good". They sang the first verse and we started to sing with them.  Then we prayed and prayed the Lord's Prayer. Last we sang.
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Social Studies by Claire

On Monday we had a social studies test. On Thursday we started chapter 8.  Chapter 8 is about the government. In lesson 1 we talked about the Structure of Government. It was pages 266-269. Our vocabulary words were authority, government service, legislative, executive, and judicial.  In our work book we did pages 75.
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Computer by Ava

Monday ---- Wednesday we typed for ten minuets and worked on coding.
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Science by Kyrsten

On Thursday we did a scavenger hunt to find simple machines around the building. On Friday we did a science experiment and read 5 pages. We also had an interview with an astronaut.
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Friday, May 3, 2019

Science by Brynn

On Thursday we first learned problems and solutions. scientific discovery's , technology, and transportation, and technology.  On Friday we did an activity and figured out which clay ball and different objects are heavier using a lever.  We learned about force, simple machines, and complex machines.
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This Week’s Newsletter

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Math by Claire

On Monday we did lesson 100. We learned how to multiply dollars and cents. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we did lesson 101. We learned how to do long division and divide two-digit numbers. On Friday we did a Benchmark test.
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